It only takes one spark...

Sound is amazing. It has the ability to make us feel a whole range of different emotions and that's not just limited to music. From the sound of alarms that alert us to danger, to that of waves softly lapping on a shoreline, the wide impact sound has on our daily lives cannot be underestimated - and that's just the ones we can hear!

Music is a huge part of our society, with a wide variety of genres and styles that are able to soothe, excite or aggravate a listener depending on their perception and preference. How are these recorded? What about concert sound? TV, films and computer games are using more special effects than ever - who makes the sounds for these? And how?

A lot of questions, I know. The point is, it doesn't matter what it is about sound that gets you. Once you have that spark and want to know more, the science takes care of itself... you can do it.

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That's Sound Event!!

With workshops in recording, live sound and audio post production, a professional panel Q & A and live music performances! We hope to give a little taste of what sound careers are and meet some of the women who work in sound. FREE but booking required. Email:

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Not a job for a girl?

If I’d told my 16/17 year old self that one day I’d own my own studio and that I’d be teaching sound and media to college students I’d have laughed, heartily.  Not because I thought I wasn’t capable but because I’d been told it couldn’t happen to someone like me....a girl......a girl with no talent for science!!  And yet here I am.

You see when I went into that Careers Advisor with a head full (admittedly) of dreams, saying how I wanted to work in a recording studio preferably as an engineer or a producer, the advisors words were (and I do still remember them) “well I don’t think that’s a suitable career choice for a girl and how on earth can you be any kind of engineer when you’re no good at any sciences or maths”.  

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