Our Approach

5% is a commonly quoted figure for females currently working across the industry. Research has shown that girls lack confidence due to a lack of role models in these fields, lack of exposure to and demystifying technology at an early stage in addition to a lack of support in terms of study and career options.

By highlighting different careers in audio, showcasing women who already study or work in these roles and encouraging participation in fun projects from primary school age upwards, we hope to help address some of this. For those who find an interest in it and want to know more, this site has gathered some helpful links and resources to help you get started.



The Idea

The basis for That's Sound was built around the widely acknowledged fact that women still remain hugely underrepresented in professional audio. Women working in music and the creative industries are gradually being given more recognition and becoming more visible; in tandem with this sort of positive action, audio specific careers need to be highlighted as potential options to girls at school in order that they can begin gaining the necessary information to gain qualifications and experience that will enable them to realise their goals.

Events and Projects

There are lots of ways to get experience and have fun, keep your eye out for other events and projects from organisations in your area here!