All my life I have always loved music. I loved to listen to music, to perform and really just appreciate it. It’s became a big part of my life and it’s shaped me to be who I am and what I want to do with my future.

Initially I started singing when I was two years old and I’ve never stopped. I go to open mic nights and perform, as well as being asked to sing at live music nights, birthdays and so on. Throughout primary and high school I was in shows, singing duets with others or singing on my own. Initially my plan after leaving high school was to do music performance because I had done so well in my standard grade and Highers. But during my Highers I selected singing and music technology for what I wanted to send to the SQA. When working on the work I needed for my Music class, I really developed an interest in music technology. I started looking at courses that were related to music so I could continue my studies and continue doing what I love which is just being around music, creating music or performing music. I noticed a course that was ideal for me which was Sound Production at Cumbernauld College.

Once going through my induction for college, I was excited for my learning to begin and to explore a potential career path. I noticed however, there were very few girls in the course. It was myself and three other girls. I quickly became friends with a lot of my class and focused on my studies. However the other girls in the class left the course for their own reasons, so I was the only girl left in the class. At first that made me feel a bit uneasy, I thought that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be doing sound engineering after all, as much as I loved it. It was mainly a male orientated course, so I began to doubt my abilities and wondered, could I really do this? Would I be seen as just a silly girl pursuing this career? But then I realised, I want to be one of the many people that want to change the stereotype of not many girls working in sound. I want to work in an industry that I am so passionate about, so I stopped doubting myself, and continued my studies throughout the past couple of years in which I finally earned my HND in Sound Production this year.  I now plan on doing voluntary sound work in my gap year, before pursuing University.

I think that pursuing your dreams and passions are important. I couldn’t imagine not working with music and in fact, I don’t plan to. I think that it’s amazing that the Project That’s Sound exists. I think it will really help girls pursue a career in this industry, to gain the skills and the confidence to work in this particular environment. I encourage anyone to follow their dreams and you can achieve what you set your mind to.