That's Sound

What is That's Sound?

Numbers of women working in sound are still extremely low, with many younger females unaware of the types of careers available in audio. That's Sound aims to highlight the varied and interesting (but often hidden) world of sound and ways to get involved; from fun primary age projects to signposting for study and work.

What sort of work is available in sound?

All sorts! Music is the most obvious field that people think of and it is often a love for music which leads a lot of people to work with sound. However, there are other possibilities from working in radio and T.V. broadcasts, designing sound for film or games right through to forensic audiology! See the job profiles section on the home page for more information.

Do I need to be a musician or a science whizz?

No, although depending on which area you are interested in, knowledge of music and good timing or an interest in physics will be helpful. See the job profiles section for more information on individual roles. People get into sound through all sorts of ways, we have collected some useful web links to other sites and interviews from others with professionals to help you find out more.