Since I was a wee lassie I was always really heavily into music but never had the inclination or later on in life the patience to actually play music myself. Well, I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever! In my teenage years everything revolved around music, every friend I made was based on a common taste in bands, everything I did socially involved music, hanging out in record shops, talking about whatever bands latest release and going to as many gigs as my meagre wages could stretch to. I formed lots of amazing friendships that are still going strong to this day, many of these with some pretty epic burds. I was amazed when I was a grotty wee teenager in a bootleg green day t-shirt that women in their late teens or even early twenties would be interested in hanging about with me but I see now that they knew how important it was to nurture the few young women that had made their way into the scene. Something which I try to do as much as possible now that I’m the auld yin.

So as I already mentioned, having no musical talent I had to find another way to push myself even further into the music scene that I loved and when I was 18 I started putting on a few gigs here and there. I was amazed how easy it was to round up a few bands who you were pals with, book a venue, draw up a poster and basically you were good to go. Not to say this didn’t come with certain stresses but it was fairly straightforward.

As a woman and especially as a young woman I couldn’t even count the instances where I wasn’t taken seriously but as I am trying to keep this positive I won’t delve into that wormhole of stories! After slowing down the pubs and gigs a wee bit to have weans I knew I needed a new challenge that didn’t take up so much of my time and when a friend of mines told me he was resurrecting an old DJ night I used to love going to, I thought I can do that and swiftly inserted myself into the line up. The first couple of nights we did I was totally winging it and picking it up as I went along – it must have been a total shambles! But the night was a success and we moved on to doing other nights in different venues and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am currently running my own club night which has recently expanded out to another club in kilmarnock, alongside my partner Carnabay. At this point it is still very much a hobby but a hobby that I love and one I would like to continue loving. (Image credit: Kenichi Images).