My name is Roisin and I’ve had a love for music my full life. From a young age I played piano, dabbled in saxophone and started singing before I could talk. Throughout school I did well in music and knew it was something I wanted to work with, but wasn’t sure what part of the industry I wanted to pursue as my career. The teachers and career advisors all advised me for music performance to be a musician or a teacher but even as I applied for the course I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Once I left school and had started my music performance course I started playing with DJ software and mixers and loved it, I also had a class of sound production on my course and realised that I had found something I really wanted to do.

Once I finished my HNC Music Performance I applied for my HND Sound production and I loved the course. Every class I enjoyed and found interesting and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been even told about any of these courses or jobs before.

Even though I went to college to learn to produce music I ended up having a love for live sound which is what I am still hoping to do now. I’m just finishing my 3rd year in university and I volunteer anywhere and everywhere to get experience and to help because I love doing it and hope to pursue this is my career. Entering my 4th year at university there is still very few women I have met throughout my studies from college to university, to working in different venues.

In fact, the only women I have met pursuing sound as a career was at the That’s Sound event. It shows there is still such a minority of women in this field and from my own personal experience I feel its not shown or emphasised to girls enough. My school didn’t have recording equipment as such so it was never an option, however schools bringing this in I hope starts to show girls out there that there is so much opportunity in sound and music, not just to perform or teach it.