My name is Sophie. I have always grown up around music, and i have always wanted to play music with the people around me. Its always been a part of my life. I am probably actually listening to music right now. But most of the bands or artists i listen to are male, so i really think that we need to get more girls into music. When i play music or sing, it makes me feel powerful, and i think it could do the same for many girls around the world. I feel that the music industry is very male-dominated and that we should change that. Last year, i went to a summer school for girls that was all about getting girls into music and it was great, i had went the previous year and each time you make new friends. We had to form a band with other girls there and write songs. The end result was a concert of all the bands that were created. We also learned about other women in music and there were workshops for learning instruments. It made me, and many other girls in the group, feel really happy and it showed us that we could play music as well as guys could. It was good to see women on the stage and being strong, powerful role models for young girls.