Sound for computer games is another role that sound design skills can be applied to. Computer games are hugely popular and creating the sound effects is similar to those used in movies and TV.

Sound design for games can be effects only or if you have musical skills, you could compose music for a game too. Voices are needed for many games, as in animation. Depending on how big a budget is for making a game, these sounds may be created by individual people or 1 person responsible for it all.

This role will involve recording and mixing/blending different sounds to create your own where necessary. If you like experimenting with sounds and recording, this will appeal to you!

A good understanding of gaming and game play is needed for this job – creating sounds for games, a lot of which are fantasy themed, requires creativity and imagination, it is a lot of fun though!

Being a sound designer in games is likely to mean working with other ream members that are developing the game so you need to be able to communicate well with others.

Good hearing and good attention to detail are needed in this job as games will have many layers of sound to think about; unlike film or TV, the sound in a game will change depending on what a player chooses to do.

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