A sound designer is the person/s responsible for the sounds we often take for granted, when we see action on screen. Visual special effects would not have any impact on an audience without this attention to the accompanying sounds.

Sound designers start by noting what types of sounds are needed. This can include telephones, dog or other animal sounds, gunshots, doors closing and most other sounds that people watching often assume to be sound from during the actual filming process. Other sounds such as traffic, wind, rain, also known as ‘ambiences’ are recorded and used by the designer to help set the correct scene and match what viewers see on their screens.

There are also sound design effects that need to be created by the designer by using other sounds to blend and create their own new sound. This is generally the case with objects that we don’t have an exact sound for, such as alien beings or dinosaurs. If you like experimenting with sounds or recording, this will be appeal to you. Creating these types of sound requires creativity and a good imagination. It is amazingly fun though!

Creating all the different layers of sound for a film can take a very long time, and this isn’t a 9-5 job, but it is really interesting work!

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