My name is Tamara Laird.

Working with sound has always amazed me from a very young age, since listening to the first album I bought when I was eight years old, I always wondered how they got particular instruments to sound the way it did and how did they got the track to sound so professional. I also grew up in a musical family and I think that’s why sound production interested me so much. From the start its always been recording for me, I enjoy communicating with bands and experimenting with different effects and techniques.

Growing up I wasn’t a typical girly girl and always loved working with my hands and doing subjects at school like tech and music. Although, I had to do my own research to find a sound production course because there was and still isn’t enough awareness about this type of career.

That’s Sound is a great way of getting young people involved in sound, especially young girls. Although, this particular career isn’t for everyone, it’s a good to show people that there are courses out there and giving young people the chance to learn something new. There are loads of women sound engineers out there but yet again, no awareness of them. It would be great to see more women/girls going into sound because it shows other women and girls that you can make it in the industry as a female. There is a lack of female role models, especially in education.